Making of behind the scene of the visual imagery create for Adobe creative days Spain – Boost your flow, “De la idea al arte final” (From the idea to the final art direction) a online webinar where I explain all the process of creating this imagery using Adobe Creative cloud and some other tools from my daily work process. The artwork mix different techniques as real set design on papercrafts, 3D rendering, vectorial drawing made on illustrator, paint splashes capture  on Adobe Capture App and images take from Adobe stock.  

The challenge was to mix all of them and create a new surrealist image where the eye of the person who is looking cannot discover how each part of the image has been create, playing with the concept and idea that every creative work starts on a white canvas at a surrealist photoshop environment, where magical tools create everything from scratch. I also ended up animating all the scene to tell the story behind all this surreal imagery behind my work, Enjoy!

More info about the project at the the following links, where you can review online all the webinar explaining the process of the artwork:

Adobe creative days webinar online
Info about Adobe Spain creative days